“Our computer system was a mess! Out dated software, communication issues and much more. Everyone I turned to for computer support talked “geek” over my head and was very overpriced.  We have a network, so you needed someone I could trust to access personal customer information, and all of our business files, its risky to have someone accessing your server!
Juce computers made it easy, they took the worry out of the equation! They tackled our system problems one at a time, giving my staff time to adjust and things to work well before moving on to the next challenge. We were a good 6 months of solving hard issues before we could start to coast into maintenance mode.
Now that we are in maintenance mode are service is still spectacular. Jeff monitors our server and receives alerts when things go wrong. We start early in the am, and he always answers me back, very quick, efficient and usually with an answer or a time he will be by to see us.
Juce was Kearney Planters best choice for dealing headache free with the wonderful world of technology!”

Colleen Kearney-Janssens CEO\Kearney Planters

“We use Juce for all our computer needs and their service has been outstanding!  If there is ever an issue, the turnaround time is excellent.”  

Donna Johnson of William Johnson Construction Limited

“My daughter’s tablet keyboard came apart and the staff were so amazing! I was told elsewhere that it would be $60 to fix and they were more than fair and made my daughters day. I will definitely be a returning customer.”

Kara Lynne Dewhirst

“The Small Town Down to Earth People that work there always makes you feel comfortable and never says anything to make you feel less….They are there to answer all your questions to make you feel as comfortable as possible….Thanks sooo much Jeff…”

Dawn Norton

“I have used Juce Computers for a long time now! Great experience.”

Susan Smith Symington

We shopped Sarnia, London and online before buying at Juce. They were ‘right there’ with the price with the added bonus of local service, so we made our purchase for our home system. Jeff and the others made the transition to the new system easy; any minor difficulties we had were over looked by their extremely great service. In the past, big companies and over the phone service lacked a lot, leaving the home owner frustrated. No so with the representatives at Juce, they were always at hand, locally, over the phone or even in-home service was offered.

We’ve since suggested to our daughter to shop at Juce as well when her big company system was giving her problems. Juce worked through her many problems that the big company wasn’t interested in solving. When it came time to replace her worn and frustrating computer, she turned to Juce for the services and great prices.

Andy Ruff, Oil City

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