Juce Computers can offer remote support to our customers!

Now, call Juce Computers at 519-882-2121 to arrange for a technician to remote in.

Click the AnyDesk Link below, and once you move to their website, select the Green Box (Download Now).

The download will appear on your computer screen above your taskbar, with the name of the program AnyDesk (it will also be in your downloads folder to use later).

Once you are connected with one of our support staff, they will ask you to Run the AnyDesk software.  It will give you, in the upper left corner, a 9 digit number. Provide this number to our support staff.  Once they connect, a permission window will appear for you to grant the staff member access to your computer.

Assuming everything works to plan, our support staff will then be able to access your computer to effect the desired service work. 

Remember: Only allow someone you trust access to your computer.  Anyone contacting you directly or website pop-ups pretending to be Microsoft or an Anti-Virus agent are scams. 

DO NOT CALL these individuals!

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