ThinkServer TS150 Tower Server

The Lenovo ThinkServer TS150 is the perfect first server for small and medium businesses, remote or branch offices and retail environments. It uses the latest technologies to provide enterprise-class power. Intel® Xeon®E3-1200 v6 Series processors incorporate up to four cores, integrated graphics, and support for 64GB of 2400MHz DDR4 memory. These features enable you to run larger workloads faster than before, and even virtual machines (VMs) for more efficient server usage. Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) built into the TS150 offers easy-to-use, industry-standard management tools for remote monitoring, updates and repairs. The TS150 provides a much higher performance than a premium desktop can offer for about the same price.

ThinkServer TS460 Tower Server

The TS460 is optimized for remote office/branch office (ROBO) use. Its office-quiet acoustics and compact size (suitable for deskside or under-desk deployment) are perfect for an office environment, and the combination of energy efficient processors, 1.2V DDR4 memory and 8- PLUS Gold (up to 92% efficient) power supplies saves you money and helps the environment.

ThinkSystem SR630 Rack Server

Featuring the largest storage capacity and highest performance in Lenovo’s 1U server portfolio, Lenovo ThinkSysytem SR630 excels at many workloads. With a wide selection of processors, drives and interconnects, the SR630 Rack Server helps you: 1) transform resources into services, using validated designs for hybrid cloud; 2) perform analytics on streaming data, using validated designs for Big Data; 3) improve performance of virtualized transactional systems, using validated designs for OLTP databases; 4) simplify storage scale-out, using configuration guides for hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI) or software designed storage (SDS).

We also offer custom server computers built to your needs and specifications.

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