About Us

Our Difference in Lambton County / Chatham-Kent

What We Do

Juce Computers delivers comprehensive scalable IT service management solutions to companies of every size to create highly efficient and profitable businesses that drive a measurable competitive advantage .

Who We Are

Juce Computers has been serving the communities of Petrolia since 2001 and Ridgetown since 2014, fulfilling the requirements for residential and businesses with a knowledgeable staff.  

We do computer repairs and sales; we stock printers, ink, routers, networking hardware, monitors, tablets, cables, USB storage, keyboards & mice.  We carry a large selection of off-lease computers and monitors. 

What We Stand For

  • We are committed to helping companies drive the highest levels of efficiency to create unparalleled business value.
  • Our solutions scale across the full lifecycle of the business, no matter what size, what platform or what geography.
  • We operate through a tightly partnered approach that gives our clients a competitive advantage.

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